Here’s some Courtney Robertson news that’ll make you want to dye

Credit: via Ashley Elgin (The Bachelor Expert)'s Twitter Photo: Courtney Robertson on the Front of a Clairol Natural Instincts Box

Especially if you’re on a budget! The Season 16 frontrunner and model was spotted in a drug store...  on the side of a box.

We’ve always praised Courtney for her connection with nature. She danced with a spider in Belize, and she was very natural indeed in her (in)famous late-night swim with Ben.

We’ve also appreciated her instincts. She knows how to play the game, and she does it very well. She’s tough when she needs to be, and tender as the situation requires.

So... it’s not surprising at all to find her on this box of Clairol Natural Instincts hair color (via The Bachelor Expert on Twitter). We have to imagine, though, she’s not going to be in the clearance aisle for long. It’s more likely, we’ll see her in the exclusive boutiques of Switzerland. (That’s where the Swiss live, darling.)


Source: Twitter

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