Credit: WENN Photo: The 10 Craziest Things Bachelor and Bachelorette Contestants Have Done to Get Attention

Over the years, Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants have gone out of their way — and occasionally much too far — to catch the attention of the rose-givers. After all, it’s their job to stand out in the crowd. With each new stunt, the ante gets upped, so every season tends to be wackier than the last. Here are 10 of the most memorable things contestants have done to get noticed.

Credit: ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney Photo: Ashley Elmore and Jake Pavelka Get to Know Each Other on The Bachelor Season 14 Premiere

10. Jake’s sexy stewardess
Before Jake Pavelka was a reality TV show junkie, he was a pilot. So, on the premiere of The Bachelor Season 14, Ashley Elmore donned a flight attendant's uniform to get his attention. It worked that night but she was gone by Episode 2. Still, she showed enough spunk to earn a spot on Bachelor Pad Season 1.

9. Justin limps to Ali's house

An injured Justin “Rated-R” Rego wanted more time with the cameras  Ali Fedotowsky, so he snuck away from the other Bachelorette Season 6 suitors and limped on his crutches to her place which, Chris  Harrison claimed, was only about a mile away, straight up a canyon road. Justin brought Ali family albums and she totally loved learning more about him. Who cares if it took away from fellow contestant Hunter Wagner’s date? It was a ballsy move and it paid off… at least for a while.

8. The serenades
We really have to blame Wes Hayden for this. He openly used his time on The Bachelorette Season 5 to plug a new song he was working on, pretending he wrote it for Jillian Harris. Love don’t come easy! But it worked so well for him that it became the thing to do. On Season 6, Hunter serenaded Ali with a ukulele. Then his fellow contestant country singer Ty Brown did the same. Following in their footsteps was Weatherman Jonathan Novack who decided the week Ali was already sick was the perfect time to debut his questionable songwriting skills. At least on Season 7, Mike Burns brought out his guitar — only to throw it in the pool. Sadly, Bachelorette Ashley Hebert actually wanted to be serenaded, but at this point, the whole move is a sour note.

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group ©2011 Disney Photo: Ashley Hebert Meets Jeff Medolla in the Bachelorette Season 7 Premiere

7. Jeff’s mask
Jeff Medolla exited the limo wearing a mask on the premiere of The Bachelorette Season 7 and he kept it on for three episodes, even though the gag was tired after about 10 minutes. He said he wanted to take his face out of the equation to make a point about appearances. Too bad the episode he chose to take it off was the episode he got eliminated. Ouch!

6. Madison’s fangs
The sad thing is, Madison “Fang Girl” Garton was actually one of the most grounded and mature women on The Bachelor Season 15. She wasted a real opportunity at finding love (or at least a shot as The Bachelorette) by going with the gimmick of wearing fangs. She turned herself into a joke instead of a legitimate contender. That bites.

5. The booty calls
Sometimes Bachelors and Bachelorettes just want to be left alone. Good luck with that! Trish Schneider had already been dumped by Season 5 Bachelor Jesse Palmer when she showed up during his overnight date and offered him her room key. No thanks! On Season 14, Vienna Girardi snuck through a gorgeous castle to visit her future (ex) fiance, Jake Pavelka, while they were on a 2-on-1 date with Gia Allemand. Jake refused Vienna’s late night booty call advances, which should’ve been a hint of things to come. On Season 15, Michelle Money randomly knocked on Brad Womack’s door one night to put him in some sort of trance while giving him a list of girls he should send home. Lucky for him, he eventually put her on that list.

Credit: via Krisily Kennedy's Twitter Photo: Natalie Getz and Kasey Kahl at the American Red Cross Blood Drive on January 8, 2011

4. Paul's thong
To impress DeAnna Pappas on The Bachelorette Season 4, Paul Brosseau jumped into the mansion's swimming pool, then tore off his suit to reveal a thong with "DeAnna" written across the butt. As DeAnna noted, "Good Lord! My name is on the back of this boy's booty!" It's one way to impress a girl. And apparently it did impress DeAnna since she gave Paul a rose.

3. Stacey’s panties
Stacey Elza will always be remembered for getting so drunk on The Bachelor Season 12 premiere that she gave Matt Grant a pair of panties — a spare pair, though, not the ones she was wearing — before falling asleep before the rose ceremony. She didn’t have to be dragged out like Drunk Tim of Season 7 fame, but she certainly made enough of an impression on Matt that he let her go.

2. Kasey’s tattoo
Kasey Kahl insists he didn’t get his rose and shield tattoo specifically for Bachelorette Ali. But right after she told him to stop singing and tone down the cheese factor, he went out and got himself a tattoo, which he revealed to her while on a glacier in Iceland. He said it’s to guard and protect his future wife’s heart. Needless to say, that role would not be filled by Ali — though it just might be by another Bachelor alum.

OLD #1. Brian’s birthday suit
To get noticed by Bachelorette Jillian Harris, otherwise normal guy Brian Duke decided to get naked and dive into the pool. And it was only Episode 2. Jillian definitely noticed, sending Brian home that night as a result. It’s probably best, though. We don’t even want to know where she would’ve pinned that rose.

NEW #1: Courtney Robertson's birthday suit

Sorry, Brian Duke. But there's something about a model having a private nude dip in the ocean with the man of the hour that trumps your frat boy antics. The Bachelor Season 16contestant Courtney Robertson's competitiveness didn't sit well with the bachelorettes... or Bachelor fans, for that matter. The fact that Ben Flajnik was willing to drop everything (literally) to spend one night skinny dipping with a girl he had the hots for (at least at that point, so early in the competition, it was pure physical attraction) shocked rose lovers everywhere, and as the other women continued to fall for Ben with no knowledge of their triple-X tryst, the wrath against Ben and his frontrunner intensify. Was it worth it for Ben? We will soon find out...

Credit: Photo: Does Courtney Robertson Go Too Far? New XXX Sneak Peek of The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 5 [VIDEO]

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