Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Kacie Boguskie on The Bachelor Season 16

The official Bachelor site is putting Ben Flajnik’s bachelorettes to work. Last season, some of Ashley Hebert’s bachelors posted mid-season videos on the official site — and this season they seem to be having Ben’s beauties answer fan questions in a Q&A format.

As the site posted, "This week, we had you ask Kacie B. questions. See if she answered yours below! We want you to get to know all your favorites from this season."

Here’s one question for Southern belle Kacie Boguskie from Ben’s Bachelorette 7 buddy, Ames:

Q: Former contestant Ames Brown asks: What tangible thing did you miss most while away on The Bachelor?

Kacie: Ames, I don’t know what you thought was the hardest thing to go without, but mine was my iPod. I can give up everything else, but when I’m working out I want music! My first workout when I got back with it was amazing!

Read the rest of Kacie’s Q&A here!

Source: Bachelor.TV


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