Credit: via Courtney Robertson's Official Website Photo: Courtney Robertson Plays in the Water

Last time we heard from Mrs. Robertson, she was said to be questioning the hotness level of Bachelor Ben Flajnik. Now she's weighing in on the big skinny dipping scene coming tonight on The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 5 — when her daughter, Courtney Robertson, reveals her bare butt to America.

While she has concerns about how Courtney’s "84-year-old grandmother is going to feel watching that [episode] with her church group,"  Sherry Robertson adds to Life & Style that it's just Courtney being Courtney. "She is very confident. And I am that way. She gets that from me."

We know Ben’s Grandma Jean is watching the show along with her friends, so maybe can start a support group for Grandparents Embarrassed By Their Butt-Baring Grandkids on National Television. (That is, if the Jersey Shore cast’s elder family members haven’t done so already.)

Source: Life & Style

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Credit: Photo: Does Courtney Robertson Go Too Far? New XXX Sneak Peek of The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 5 [VIDEO]