Credit: ABC via WENN

Ladies, prepare your body for more white wine than you've ever guzzled in your entire life. The Bachelor Drinking Game is upon us, and things are getting real. The rules are simple: 1) Buy box of Franzia. 2) Open said box of Franzia. 3) Light as many candles as possible. 4) Resist temptation to dress up in wedding gown and makeout with your Sean Lowe poster.

But caution: non-stop drinking during The Bachelor will land you in hospital with Tierra and Amanda, so please follow these guidelines courtesy of a Bachelor Nation mega-fan!

Take a swig...

1. Everytime Sean is shirtless.
2. Everytime Sean is kissing someone.
3. Everytime someone cries.
4. Everytime someone's "in love."
5. Everytime someone says Sean is hot.
6. Everytime Tierra is a Witch With A Capital B.
7. Everytime Sean hands out a pre-ceremony rose.
8. Everytime Chris says "ladies."
9. Everytime Sean doesn't care.
10. Everytime there's a Bachelor commercial.

Well, we know what we're doing next Monday! In the words of Sean Lowe, "you will not remember tonight."

Source: Twitter