Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney Photo: The Bachelorettes in the Season 15 Premiere

What do the ladies of The Bachelor Season 15 do when they're not stealing Brad Womack away for 30 seconds of completed wasted time? They introduce the house toilet and hold a three-way with a giant teddy bear. Duh!

Check out two of ABC's deleted scenes below:

“One Last Night”:
When some women wear teddies to bed, they mean lingerie. Not the Ashleys. In this deleted scene from the night before their dreaded two-on-one date, Ashley Hebert and Ashley Spivey share some sad this-is-our-last-night-together pillow talk, while snuggling with Ashley H.'s teddy bear. It's every guy's dream to be this teddy bear. Especially since Ashley S. just admitted she loved Ashley H. more than Brad.

“Fancy Toilet”:
In this "uncensored" video shot by the bachelorettes, Ashley Hebert shows off the Las Vegas suite's toilet. Because there's nothing more impressive in a penthouse suite than the john. Ashley calls it "the best part of this whole place."

"Not only does it serve as a reservoir for my waste,” Ashley H. says, “it's also involved in the cleansing of the dispenser." Some options are "rear cleansing," "rear cleansing — soft," "oscillating,” and "pulsating." You can also adjust the position. The ladies even film us a flush to illustrate how it works. Tellin' ya, they have way too much time on their hands.