Since Bachelor Ben Flajnik and his fiancee Courtney Robertson rode off into the sunset happily betrothed at the end of The Bachelor, they’ve made sure that we all know how crazy in love they are with one another. Whether it’s making out on the red carpet or spending time with each other’s family — we get it — they’re super-schmoopy in love.

Well, confession time: we think it’s all kinds of adorable! Case in point — this lovey-dovey twitter exchange between Ben and Courtney.

He tweets:“Had a great weekend with @bugrobertson [Courtney] in LA this weekend! A pic [Ben forgot to include the pic!] of us eating sushi at her favorite place. All is well with the two of us in case you care :/.”

Her reply? “@BenFlajnik You're my favorite place aww mush ;)”   

Sigh — could these two be any cuter? Not only are we delighted to hear that they’re spending time together, but Ben’s assurance that “all is well” in the their relationship is great news! Now how about a wedding date, guys?

Source: Twitter

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