It’s a tough life being a contestant on The Bachelor. Between flying around the world, drinking mimosas, and shit-talking your housemates by the fire, it can take quite a toll on the girls’ fitness. Even though they clearly never eat on their dates, sitting around by the pool isn’t the same thing as swimming laps. So, Season 17’s Catherine Giudici and Season 16’s Lindzi Cox have teamed up with Seattle-Eastside Bar Method for a 60-Day “Get Bathing Suit Ready” Challenge.

And in case their tanned, toned bods aren’t enough to make you want to move into the gym permanently, the challenge is also a benefit for the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research at Seattle Children's Research Institute. The Bar Method has committed to donating a portion of each person’s gym fees to help fight pediatric cancer.

Credit: Courtesy of The Bar Method Photo: The Bar Method's Bev and Maika with Swimmer Ariana Kukors

But look guys, we love kids and all, but we’re also supremely lazy at our cores (and no, that’s not a fitness joke). Seriously, we are currently training our cats to deliver the snacks we eat during Bachelor marathons. (It’s not going well.) So, the challenge also comes with lots of giveaways — everything from Lululemon activewear to makeup and blowout sessions, to private wardrobe styling sessions (which heels go best with these sweatpants?).

The challenge kicks off on April 1 at the Seattle location, with both Catherine and Lindzi making appearances alongside Team USA Olympic swimmer and world record holder Ariana Kukors — and all three ladies will be taking on the challenge themselves. Plus, everyone who does the challenge gets to party like a rock(hard abs)star on June 8 at the closing party. To sign up, borrow all of your friends’ willpower and check out the Bar Method website.

Good luck. We’ll be working out vicariously through you if you need us...