Credit: Doug Cartwright on Twitter Photo: Emily Maynard and Michelle Money’s Brother, Doug Cartwright, in New York City on September 25, 2011

Okay, here’s what we’ve got.

No one in the Bachelor universe is willing to divulge if Emily Maynard is actually dating Michelle Money’s brother or not — but they sure are having a ton of fun with all the speculation!

In case you missed it, Emily has been spending time recently with Doug Cartwright, the brother of her Season 15 co-star, Michelle. He’s posted many a cute TwitPic of the pair, and they’re doing cute things like tweeting goofy marriage proposals back and forth.

So, on the afternoon of September 30, we posed the question “Is Emily Maynard dating Michelle Money’s brother?

Not long after — Elan Gale, a producer on the Bachelor shows, announced via Twitter: “I am dating @Doug_Cartwright who is @MoneyMichelle 's brother.”

Jumping in on the fun, Michelle responded, “wait. I thought @chrisbharrison was.” Elan quickly replied, “We both are.”

Got that, Twitterverse? Doug isn’t dating Emily Maynard — but he is simultaneously dating both a Bachelor producer and the show’s host, instead!

The news obviously came as a bit of a shock to Emily, who tweeted, “really doug? Were done. Another public break up? Awesome.”

Doug finished the ridiculous convo by announcing, “The most dramatic twitter break up ever!!”

It’s great to see the Bachelor crew having such a good time with all the speculation. We admit, Emily dumping Doug after discovering his affair would make a pretty crazy story.

That said, they still haven’t answered our original question.