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Tierra LiCausi is back and feistier than ever! By which we mean her eyebrows are all kinds of pointy and they could attack us through the television at any moment. This gal might have been eliminated from Sean Lowe's Bachelor Season 17 love nest for being too sparkly and too adorable, but she'll be facing the wrath of her fellow contestants during The Bachelor "Women Tell All" special, which airs tonight at 8pm ET on ABC.

As you might expect, Sean's bunch of babes attack Tierra for her tierrable behavior, and Jackie Parr says, "She was there to be fake, to show Sean a good face, and that's it."

Tierra's response? "I was friendly," she tells Chris Harrison. "It's not like I walked around the house and I was this complete devil. It wasn't that way." Um, Selma Alameri begs to differ. "You can't say 'I was friendly,'" Selma argues. "And you said over and over again 'I'm not here to make friends.'"

Oh dang, the claws are coming out! Remind us to watch the "Women Tell All" special with a bucket of popcorn and our cardboard cutout of Jerry Springer.

Source: Us Weekly

Credit: Us Weekly Photo: Bachelor Women Tell All Sneak Peek: Tierra Gets Attacked