How do you maintain sanity? Don’t ask poor Jenna Burke. The Bachelor Season 16 contestant made herself a premiere episode highlight by skillfully managing to avoid sanity all night. Here are five of our favorite Jenna quotes from Season 16, Episode 1:

Credit: Rick Rowell/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: NYC Blogger Jenna Burke Meets Ben Flajnik on The Bachelor Season 16

5. Jenna: "I don’t want to be drama."
Did you want to be drunk?

4. Jenna [describing Monica Spannbauer and Blakeley Shea]: "It's the girl that attacked me — emotionally — and her girlfriend."
The Mayans never warned us about the emotional apocalypse of 2012.

3. Jenna [explaining her state of mind to Ben Flajnik]: "Everything goes black. It’s like where am I, what am I doing right now?"
You’re about to head into the bathroom for an ugly cry.

2. Jenna: "How do you maintain sanity?"
Stick to water or maybe iced tea.

1. Jenna [to Monica]: "Maybe we can share a tampon sometime."
Note to Playtex and Tampax: Please resist temptation to use as slogan.

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