Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group ©2010 Disney Photo: Emily Maynard and Chantal O'Brien
It's official: We're down to Brad Womack and his final two ladies on The Bachelor Season 15.

In one corner, we've got "The Slapper" Chantal O'Brien, who impresses Brad with her tough-girl confidence and sexy teasing — but annoys him when she turns on the waterworks out of insecurity.

In the opposite corner, we've got "Southern Barbie" Emily Maynard, who floors Brad with her gentle charms and stunning beauty — but worries him with her seeming inability to move beyond her tragic past. Plus, she's got a daughter, a reminder of her first, lost love.

So which lady should get the $90,000 engagement ring — and Brad Womack — in the March 14 finale?

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