Credit: via Anguilla Tourist Board Photo: Bachelor Season 15, Episode 7 Dates in Anguilla

Consider tonight’s Episode 7 of The Bachelor Season 15 to be one giant Valentine’s Day group date, with Brad Womack taking every single one of us of us to Anguilla. (All together now: “Wooooo!”)

The Anguilla Tourist Board is into it, hyping up the dates and asking fans to choose where they would want to go (with or without Brad — sometimes he’s just a downer).

To quote a promo blurb from the tourist site:  “As featured on the show, Brad’s itinerary takes you through a number of island dates that set the mood for love. From the glamour and excitement of a helicopter ride to Sandy Island, to the simple and sweet bicycle ride through The Old Valley, there is something for every heart. Follow along the trail of roses, and cast your vote for the Anguilla date that would win your heart.”

Let’s hope the ladies don’t go to Blowing Point Harbour and end up blowing their shot at love. Actually, let’s hope Brad takes Michelle Money there...