Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Ben Flajnik Poses With His Girls for The Bachelor Season 16

We love all Bachelor contestants, but the show is set up for snap judgments so let’s snap away.

We asked for your favorite bachelorette from Ben Flajnik’s premiere of The Bachelor Season 16, and now we’re asking a much tougher question — which one of these loopy ladies is your least favorite (so far)? It’s kind of like asking who would get your *bad* first impression rose. Amber T. and her cow balls? Courtney and her modelicious self-absorption? British Lyndsie and her dorky impressions? Jenna and her neurotic over-analyzing? Holly and her hat? Monica and her cackle? Amber The Baconator? Emily and her sanitized rapping? So many options!

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