Credit: ABC via WENN

Recently booted Bachelor contestant Tierra LiCausi was such a drama magnet it was hard not to suspect she was just putting on a show for the reality cameras. But don't worry! Show host Chris Harrison wants you to know that everything you see is 100%, genuine Tierra.  

"She's sincere," Chris recently told People magazine, though he’s fully aware that people will think the way Tierra acts on the show is fake or made up. “This is how she goes about finding a man,” he said. “Once you shine a light on it and put a camera on it, it's not attractive, but that's how she does it."

The man makes a good point Uncontrollable tears, a suspicious slip and fall, “hypothermia” and the most epic mascara streaks in reality TV history aren’t the most attractive things to shine a light on, but hey, at least she meant them! 

Considering her crazy man-getting moves didn't win her Bachelor Sean Lowe in the end, this kind of makes you wonder what her new fiancé had to go through, doesn’t it?

Source: People