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If someone asked us to walk into the lion’s mouth that is Bachelor’s “Women Tell All,” we might consider it — if we were anyone but Tierra LiCausi. Like, even if we’d pulled a tie out of our cleave and hit our head on a doorframe, or done a backflip onto our noggins. So, what made The Bachelor Season 17’s most notorious eyebrow contestant want to come back and sit in front of the tribunal? It’s still unclear.

Our favorite Bachelorette alum has the scoop. “Say what you will about Tierra, but it took a lot of courage for her to show up,” Ali Fedotowsky says in her E! Bachelor blog. “She could've bailed on Women Tell All like so many have done in the past. I honestly respect that. She knew what she was getting herself into and she still went. Props.”

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But seeing Tierra on the show did little to resolve the frustration itch we developed every time she showed her sparkle onscreen. “I had been looking forward to seeing her on last night's show for a while. She spoke with a quiet voice the whole time and really tried to come off as innocent, but I'm guessing the world saw through that. She acted so victimized, but I don't think anyone bought it.” Including us... But back to the money. Were there any dollars doled out?

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According to Ali, it’s unlikely that Tierra got loads of cash in exchange for facetime on the two-hour hellfire and brimstone revenge segment (as it turned into). “They aren't paid. At least not that I am aware of,”.

So, what could possibly motivate Tierra to return? Did she want to apologize? Was she hoping to trick Sean into fall under her spell again? “Tierra probably felt that she could come on the show and successfully defend herself. As we all say last night, she wasn't very successful."


Source: Ali’s E! Bachelor Blog