Credit: Photo via Photo: Blakeley Shea Jones of The Bachelor Season 16 Poses in Lingerie

They called her a toxic cougar hooker slut and joked that she was best used for motor-boating. Do you think the “ladies” of The Bachelor Season 16 were too mean to “Fakeley” Blakeley Shea or do you share their harsh opinions?

Yes, she showed off her, um, assets more than one would like during a children’s play but it’s not like she knew that’s what they’d be doing on the Episode 2 group date. She’s sexy. It’s The Bachelor? Where’s the crime?

Do you think Ben Flajnik’s bachelorettes were just jealous because Blakeley was very forward and got some steamy one-on-one smooch time with the Bachelor — not to mention the group date rose? Or did Blakeley bring the claws on herself by so aggressively playing the sex card? 

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