Credit: © 2011 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Photo: Gia Allemand and Jesse Sulidis at the Bachelor Reunion and Bachelor Pad Casting Event in NYC on January 29, 2011

Jessie Sulidis has the unlikely distinction of having appeared on all three shows: The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, and Bachelor Pad. She spoke about her experiences on each of them with us at a Bachelor reunion and Bachelor Pad 2 casting event in NYC on Saturday, January 29.

She also told us about the marriage proposals she’s received; explained what really happened between her and the various men in her life, including Kirk, Dave, and Jake; and had some harsh words for Brad Womack!

Wetpaint: I was a fan of yours on Jake’s season. Do you keep in touch with Jake at all?
Jessie Sulidis: No! I haven’t talked to him or seen him since the show — since “The Women Tell All.”

WP: Was there a connection between you two?
Jessie: Not at all. I think it was more of, like, a friendship.

WP: Tell me about Ali’s season [when you revealed that Rated R had a girlfriend]. Was that tough for you?
Jessie: Yeah, it was because obviously tonight’s the first time I’ve ever met Justin, since I got him kicked off the show. So what do you say to somebody? You’re like, “Oh, hi.” [Laughs.] But he’s a nice person, now that I get to know him in real life.

WP: Is he? Is he?
Jessie: He just made a bad decision. [Laughs.]

WP: What’s dating been like for you since the shows?
Jessie: I get the weirdest messages. I get marriage proposals. If you could have my Facebook password, you’d have a heyday with all the ridiculous requests that I’ve been getting.

WP: What’s the craziest you’ve gotten?
Jessie: I wish that I could just show it to you! It’s like, “Oh, Jessie, you’re the most beautiful person ever, and I want to go on a date with you, and I would never do you wrong, and I think you’re amazing!” And it’s one run-on sentence for this long. It’s awesome. But no, for actual dating, I don’t have a boyfriend, but I’m looking. 2011 is the year of the boyfriend for me!

WP: Were there feelings for Dave?
Jessie: There were at the time — not now. When we’re in the hot… He’s gorgeous — you can’t deny it. But not anymore, no.

WP: Was there a romance there?
Jessie: We saw each other for a bit after the show, but he lives in another country. I live in Canada, he lived here. We’ll always be friends.

WP: There are so many rumors about you. Was there something between you and Kirk [DeWindt, from Ali’s season]?
Jessie: Yeah, we went on a date. [Big laugh.]

WP: Okay. No chemistry?
Jessie: We went away for a weekend, actually. But I saw him more as a friend. This is the first time I’m seeing him since that weekend. I think I’m going to stay away from the whole Bachelor inter-dating. I think I’m going to find a nice guy in Toronto. [Laughs.]

WP: And you’ve got a lot going on. You’re hosting a show now?
Jessie: Yeah, it’s for CTV. It’s eTalk’s Rose Report. Craig [McKinnon, from Ali’s season] and I are actually the hosts of the show, so we do a talk-back of what we thought of The Bachelor the previous night. I’m also writing for TV Guide Canada — blogging for them as well. And on Valentine’s Day, Gia’s coming up to Toronto for Breakfast Television. We’re hosting a whole segment where people can call with their relationship questions, and for suggestions to do if you’re single for Valentine’s Day. She’s my Valentine date.

WP: Who do you think Brad’s gonna pick?
Jessie: Either Chantal or Emily. Those two are definitely going to battle it to the end, I can tell.

WP: Do you know Brad at all?
Jessie: No, I don’t.

WP: What do you think of him?
Jessie: I think he’s good-looking — maybe not the smartest!

WP: Ouch!
Jessie: [Laughs.]

WP: Do you think he deserved a second chance?
Jessie: I think everybody deserves a second chance.

WP: That’s diplomatic!
Jessie: And it’s something different. They’ve had all types before already. I clearly got bored of recycling. Even though it recycled from before, it’s something different, something new.

WP: Which Bachelor has the best abs?
Jessie: I’d have to say either Brad or Jake.

WP: Not a Kiptyn fan?
Jessie: Yeah, but he’s too short.

WP: Is he?
Jessie: [Laughs.] That just ruins it for me.

WP: Who else are you close with from the show?
Jessie: Me and Dave have always been friends. Him, Kovacs — I call them “Dumb and Dumber.” [Laughs.] Gia, Ashley Elmore. A lot of us.

WP: Do you keep in touch with Ali at all?
Jessie: No, I haven’t talked to her since the show. But I like her choice in men! [Laughs.]

WP: Will we see Ali and Roberto getting married anytime soon?
Jessie: Yeah, I think so. If she doesn’t, I’ll scoop him up. [Laughs.] I love him.

WP: So life’s been good?
Jessie: It’s just been great. It’s been kind of crazy with all these new opportunities being thrown my way, so I’m taking each door as it opens.