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Such an exciting week of The Bachelor — for us as an audience and for the girls— with the good ol’ hometown dates! We (and Brad) finally get a really good idea of who these women are in their comfortable and familiar environments! And I know that it’s so exciting to introduce that person you’re dating to your loved ones! During hometown date week you actually go a whole week away from the bachelor, and you don’t see the other girls until the rose ceremony, so the girls spend time with their “handlers” while waiting for date day. So what do girls do while they’re just hanging around? They shop!

Once I found out I was going to be taking Jake [Pavelka] home to meet my family and found out that I had a whole week before traveling to Oregon (I was the last one), my first thought was, “What am I going to wear?! At least I have a week to figure that out!” I had most everything I needed, but shopping for Rainy Oregon (after living in sunny southern California for years), gave us something fun to do! It makes me wonder how much these girls thought about what they were going to wear and how much shopping they did during their down time!  

How does one decide to wear for their hometown date? You have no one to impress — because your family doesn’t care what you wear and the bachelor doesn’t necessarily remember or notice what you’re wearing — but you want to feel your best and be confident because that’s what he will remember. Most importantly, since you’re heading to your comfort zone, you want to be comfortable, so why not wear something that makes you feel at home? This makes my fashion picks a bit tough this week.


Credit: WENN Photo: Brad Meets Ashley H.'s Family in The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 8

I feel very culturally naïve, but I never knew there was a population in the United States that speaks French and eats French fries with gravy and cheese on them! That made Ashley extremely cool to me, but the bubbly chica caught my eye with her hot black cuff Michael Antonio boots! I was so excited when Possessionista confirmed that they were Michael Antonio, because I was already a fan of their fashionable (yet affordable shoes) but even more so now! These boots are going on my wish list!

Shawntel N. may have had a really strange date (taking Brad and showing him what her job is like at a funeral home), but she showed him the real Shawntel. She also showed us that she is truly a sexy woman with the best body on this season of The Bachelor. Her body-hugging black sweater dress showed off her perfect curves and displayed her poise. I love the scarf she paired with it as well, bringing in a little color. Maybe I could wear this dress with Ashley’s boots! Hmmm…

Credit: WENN Photo: Shawntel Walks Brad Through the Family's Funeral Home Business in The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 8

I think the girls might have done a little bit of shopping, maybe not much for their hometown dates, but for the rose ceremony! The dresses the girls pulled out this week were beautiful, the ones that I would consider adding to my closet were Shawntel's black Forever 21 turtleneck dress with sequined shoulders, Emily’s elegant blue one-shoulder Jasz Couture dress, and Ashley’s sexy but elegant H&M fitted cream sequin dress! And again, most of these looks can fit into a budget, which always makes me happy!

Credit: WENN Photo: Brad's Bachelorettes at the Rose Ceremony in The Bachelor Season 15, Episode 8

So now the ladies are headed to South Africa. I can’t wait to see what they’ll be wearing in the land of Lions and Elephants!

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