October is starting to look like National Breakup Month with this latest split between Tony and Blakely bringing the tally to three this month in Bachelortown.

It all started on October 5th when Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik announced they were calling it quits. Now that she’s had a few weeks to let the dust settle, what is Courtney up to?

1. She’s enjoying fresh produce.

Credit: Instagram Photo: courtneyrobertsonfarmersmarket.jpg

While some ladies might still be hitting the Ben & Jerry’s big time at this point, Courtney is opting for healthy fruits and vegetables. On Wednesday, she snapped this photo at “the best farmer’s market in Santa Monica” (according to Courtney herself). Those veggies do look pretty delicious.

2. She’s appreciating natural beauty—and getting philosophical.

Credit: Instagram Photo: courtneyrobertsonsunrisepic.jpg

Courtney must get up early, because on Thursday she snapped this pic of the sunrise with the following observation: “Check out the sunrise in Santa Monica this morning! There is something very therapeutic about watching a new day start! Life is beautiful!” That’s the spirit, Court!

3. She’s spending quality time with friends.

Credit: Instagram Photo: courtneyrobertsonladiesnightjpg.jpg

On Friday, Courtney hung out with the ladies as she helped celebrate a friend’s birthday. And, of course she’s also been cozying up with Arie Luyendyk.