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The Bachelor Season 17 is upon us, so please prepare your body thusly: 1) Slip into a bikini, preferably string. 2) Find a hot tub. 3) Start huffing rose petals. 4) Find candles, light candles, bask in the glow. 5) Watch the promo for The Bachelor on repeat.

And speaking of said promo, we have so many things to discuss. From the looks of this teaser, Sean Lowe's season is going to be non-stop dromantic (dramatic + romantic), and we've rounded up 3 things we've learned by watching it upwards of 20 times.

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1. Sean Will Spend Most of His Time Shirtless
Theory: Sean Lowe is allergic to cotton and all other worldly fabrics, which is presumably why he spends most of this season frolicking around in various states of shirtless. He's shirtless on a mountain, he's shirtless on a boulder, he's shirtless on a beach, and he's all kinds of shirtless in our daydreams. Basically, you can expect to become very well acquainted with your new best friend, Sean's abs.

2. The Ladies Be Cray-Cray
In the words of our eternal muse, Jessie Spano, we're so excited, we're so excited, we're so scared. Scared of Sean Lowe's potential wives accidentally hurting themselves during filming. Especially that one girl who walks out of the limo, sees Sean, and is so inspired that she does a backflip and ends up passed out on the ground. Then there's the girl who shows up with a football, the girl who shows up in a wedding gown, and oh yeah — the girl who tries to strangle Sean with a tie.

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3. There's a Super-Duper Huge Surprise Contestant (and It's Not Paige Thomas!)
OMG, OMG, OMG, you guys! The hijinks, oh the hijinks! Turns out ABC is getting tricky this season, and they're introducing a surprise contestant! First we thought this lucky gal was Bachelor Pad veteran Paige Vigil, but wrong. The promo doesn't reveal too much about the mystery woman's identity, but we can tell you that she's a well known fan-favorite of Bachelor Nation, and you're going to be shocked when she appears!

What are you most excited about this season? Dish in the comments!

Credit: ABC Photo: Bachelor Sean Lowe's Girls Go Wild: "All Hell Is About to Break Loose" (VIDEO)