Credit: ABC via WENN

Valentine's Day is almost upon us, which means the time has come to drown your sorrows in roses and chocolate. We're in the mood for love, and what better way to quench our romantic thirst than with some steamy Sean Lowe trivia?

This hunk has been making ladies swoon since he was in the sixth grade and planted one on some lucky middle-schooler named Amanda. "I was just feeling bold one day and I decided to kiss her," Sean tells Us Weekly. "My heart was pounding. Last time I ran into her she had, like, four kids!"

Swoons, so many swoons! And it just gets better. Sean treated his high school valentine to a romantic candlelit picnic overlooking a lake. Candles, guys. He was destined to be Bachelor.

Of course, Sean has also had some bad experiences when it comes to dating. "On a movie double date in high school," he says. "After I felt a little rumbling in my stomach. I ended up darting out of my seat and throwing up on my pants and shoes." Um, gross — but did Sean get a second date? Duh he did! Sigh, only this dude could make vomit sexy.

For more on Sean's love-life, check out the current issue of Us Weekly on stands now!

Source: Us Weekly