Another weekend, another getaway for Bachelor 16 couple Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson.

After a California-set Easter weekend, the two have jetted across the country for, according to Ben’s tweet Monday morn, a “vaca in atl” — that’s Atlanta for the geography slang-illiterate.

Ben tweeted this pic of the two to prove that he is indeed with his Chosen One (cc: haters), and... could it be? No... Dare we say...?

Ben’s hair is looking exceptionally (and unusually) good here! Bedhead agrees with the ex Bachelor! All the more reason the guy should just say no to flat irons.

On Friday, Courtney’s sister Rachel tweeted to well wishes to her Atlanta-bound sister while Ben’s sister Julia got the lucky job of being Ben’s dog Scotch’s babysitter during his quality time away with Courtney. Making this love work seems to be a group effort — go team!

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