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If there's one thing we know in these dark, uncertain times, it's that Sean Lowe loves himself a Bachelor viewing party. At least, we assume he does based on the fact that he pranced around UCLA's Delta Gamma viewing party like an adorable puppy and stripped off his shirt for no apparent reason.

We still don't know who Sean Lowe gives his final rose to (actually we do — click here to be spoiled!), but one thing's for sure: Catherine Giudici shares his burning love for Bachelor viewing soirees. In fact, she rounded up a fleet of her Seattle-based besties to watch Sean and her fellow contestants during the Season 17 “Women Tell All” special!

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Check out this pic of Catherine and her gal pals cozied up around the TV for a Bachelor-a-thon — we're so happy her friends are supporting her! Also, is it just us or does girlfriend look beyond giddy... kind of like a woman in love....

In other news, we assume Sean burst into this viewing party with Chris Harrison, threw roses at everyone, proceeded to strip off his clothing, and was promptly arrested for breaking / entering / public exposure.

Source: Instagram