The most loveable, most qualified star of The Bachelor franchise is set to fill the chair left open by Regis Philbin — albeit for a day — and if you can’t guess who that is then we’ll give you a hint:
It ain’t Ben’s dog Scotch.

That star is none other than Chris Harrison, who will help Kelly Ripa in her hosting duties for the week of April 2. Kelly has famously (and light-heartedly) ripped and ridiculed the overdramatics of the ABC show in the past, even getting the Rosemaster himself to join in on the fun.

So just how far can we expect Chris to go when he sits in the hosting chair next month? And can it top the most recent, bromantical spoof he and Ben Flajnik did for Kimmel of the Season 16 finale? (We hope so!)

Credit: YouTube Photo: Ben Flajnik Proposes a THIRD Time! — Must-See Video of the Day

Source: THR

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