Sean Lowe is a super nice guy, but The Bachelor is a dating show and some hearts are definitely going to get broken. In fact, if he hadn’t had his own stepped on, we wouldn’t get to see so much of his abs these days. But when the last rose has been handed out, and all the tears are dry, there will be a few girls we haven’t forgotten. And one of those girls may just be the next Bachelorette.

So, who from Sean’s season would be the best? Ashley Palenkas, obviously. We could call her season “25 Shades of Crazy.” It would be prime time gold, guys. Gold.

But short of that brilliant move, we suppose there are a few other girls who we’d like to see again if things don’t work out with Sean.

1) Lindsay Yenter

Credit: ABC

Pros: The gorgeous Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri native has been fun and charming, and Sean seems super into her already. She has a great sense of humor and we can only imagine the pranks she’d pull on the guys in her season to make sure they can hang.
Cons: We’re not sure if we can handle a whole ‘nother season of her rose ceremony dresses.

2) Desiree Hartsock

Credit: ABC

Pros: She’s like the cool girl next door, slash Katie Holmes’s way cooler younger sister. And even though she’s sweet as pie, we saw the shade she threw Amanda’s way, so we’re not worried about her taking care of herself.
Cons: Um... we’ll get back to you on that one.

3) Lesley Murphy

Credit: ABC

Pros: She’s whip smart, cute, pulls off the shortest dresses ever, and even somehow made the most awkward kiss of all time look less awkward.
Cons: Finding 25 dudes who can talk politics while running on the beach, abs-out seems like a really big challenge. She might be too awesome to spread herself that thinly.

4) Sarah Herron

Credit: ABC

Pros: She’s open, honest, beautiful, and not afraid of talking about her arm to strangers.
Cons: We’d hate to see her away from her dog for that long.

Which girl would you like to see as the next Bachelorette?