The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 4 began with 13 women eager for a chance at true love with Bachelor Ben Flajnik. But by the end of the night, only 11 women remained. So which two ladies didn't make the cut?

Credit: Natalie Cass/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Nicki Sterling, Kacie Boguskie, Samantha Levey, and Lindzi Cox Vie For the Group Date Rose at the After Party on The Bachelor Season 16, Episode 4

Ben sent "emotional" Samantha Levey home in a group date shocker (well, for the ladies... not so much for us). He says he didn't feel a connection with her but  Reality Steve seems to have a different dish to serve. (Read more here!) At the rose ceremony, Monica Spannbauer was the only one NOT to get a rose... and she left on a less dramatic note than previous castoffs (which was a nice change of pace).

Are you surprised by the gals who went home (and how they went home)? 


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