That’s the question on the minds of ladies everywhere vying for Brad Womack’s attention. But has this two-time Bachelor settled down yet?

While all signs point to Brad being a free agent, it looks like the women of Texas might have a slight advantage at snagging the Austin bar-owner. And we’re not just talking a logistical advantage — Brad seems more than a little beguiled by the women of his home state.

How do we know? When Brad’s not tweeting* about American Idol or offering Ben Flajnik words of encouragement, he can’t stop beaming with Texas pride. To use Brad’s words: “Oh man, these Texas Women.”

This means he’s identified a specific sub-set of the female gender worthy of capitalization. Texas ladies, just what have you been putting Brad through?  


*It is not confirmed that this is Brad Womack's official Twitter account. The two-time Bachelor WAS once on Twitter, but then quit sometime after his Season 15 run. Although this account is followed by many Bachelor Nation alum (including Jillian Harris and Michelle Money), a friend of Brad reached out to us via Twitter to let us know that it was indeed a fake.

Source: Twitter

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