Credit: Cassie Lambert on Twitter Photo: Producer Cassie Lambert Feeds Grapes to Ben Flajnik During The Bachelor Season 16 Filming

In The Bachelorette Season 8, Episode 7, Emily finds out that one of her favorite guys, Arie Luyendyk, Jr., used to date Cassie Lambert. While the promo teases major drama, the details on paper are far less salacious. Arie and Cassie dated just briefly back in 2003 — 9  years before Arie joined the Season 8 cast and fell hard for Emily. According to the ABC synopsis, Cassie is the one who tells Emily about her past romantic blip with Arie.

We reported that Emily was “very pissed off” when she found out, but she apparently doesn’t confront Arie right away. As for whether Em was angry at Cassie for withholding the information until the middle of filming, Cassie recently tweeted that reports of a rift are “exaggerated,” adding: “We’ve always been on speaking terms. I love Emily Maynard and always want the best for her.” Bros before hoes, y'all!

Cassie is a veteran television producer known for her work on The Bachelor and Bachelorette. She is currently engaged to fellow ABC producer Peter Scalettar — and they’re reportedly getting hitched this summer in a ceremony officiated by none other than rosemaster Chris Harrison.

Emily and Cassie are seemingly close as ever, regularly tweeting affectionately at each other. As for Emily and Arie, their love journey doesn’t end in Prague. 

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Bachelorette Spoiler Clip: Cassie Tells Emily About Her Brief Relationship With Arie (VIDEO)