*Spoiler alert!*

Credit: Courtesy of Fitness Magazine Photo: Bachelor Season 16 Contestant Courtney Robertson on the April 2011 Cover of Fitness Magazine

Ben Flajnik will be dating at least 25 women on The Bachelor Season 16 (starting January 2!) and one of his bachelorettes is reportedly a professional model named Courtney Robertson of Santa Monica, California.

The beautiful brunette was on the cover of Fitness Magazine in April 2011 and here she is in a Caesar’s Palace commercial. She’s also a distractingly lovely lady in this “Guys Never Change” commercial. Check out more of her stuff at CourtneyRobertson.com.

For some reason, there are also fun ultra-dramatic remixes of her commercials, focused specifically on her. Here's one called "Model Courtney Robertson - Remixed By EnewsOf.com - Escala/Jim Jordan Photography/Caesars/Bourbon."

Credit: YouTube Photo: Courtney Robertson's Commercial Remix [VIDEO]

Courtney is also said to be — major spoiler alert! — one of Ben’s final four — and we’re still waiting to hear if she goes further than that. It’s possible Ben proposed to her in the end, in which case it’s also possible she would move to Sonoma or San Francisco and model from there. Who knows?

Source: Reality Steve

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