Credit: Splash News Photo: Jake Pavelka and Girlfriend Ashley Ann Vickers

Easy come, easy go. The flower that was Kasey Kahl and Vienna Girardi’s romance has wilted and died, but new love has sprung up in its place — the burgeoning passion between Jake Pavelka and Ashley Ann Vickers.

On Tuesday, November 14, we reported that Jake was enjoying a leisurely stroll on Hawaiian sands with Sweet Home Alabama belle Ashley Ann. So who is the mysterious, comely new woman in Jake’s life?

According to more than a few of you: The girl is bad news. We haven’t watched CMT’s Sweet Home Alabama (which is some sort of reality show, we think), so we can’t say that to be true with any degree of certainty. We can say this, though: Girlfriend has a saucy little website set up for herself!

Ashley Ann’s site shares a wealth of knowledge, including her measurements (so skinny!), how to get a signed (practically topless!) poster, her acting resume (which features a film co-starring Luke Perry!), and so.much.more. Motivational speaking is near and dear to Ash’s heart, so we’ll impart upon you one of her most touching messages: “"If you can dream it, you can achieve it."

Keep reaching for the stars, Ashley Ann.

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