Credit: Mike Stobe/Getty Images Photo: Andy Baldwin Finishes the NYC Marathon on November 1, 2009

1. Andy Baldwin, Season 10 (Officer and a Gentleman)

Love, love, love Andy Baldwin — a.k.a. Lieutenant Commander Andrew James Baldwin. He's a sweet, smart military man, Ironman competitor, and inspirational humanitarian. A true gentleman. Perfect guy. Major hot attack. Can we keep him?

Credit: Photo: Shirtless Brad Womack in South Africa in Season 15, Episode 9

2. Brad Womack, Seasons 11 and 15

Hate on Brad all you want, he's still yummy. The 6'1" Texan is a big hunk o' man. Yeah, he ticked off some folks on Season 11 and he couldn’t get it right the second time either. He kinda sucks at this whole Bachelor thing. Moot point. He was still worth staring at for a couple of hours every Monday night. Thanks for the shirtless memories, Brad.

Credit: @BensDogScotch Photo: Ben Flajnik Gets Kisses From His Dog Scotch

3. Ben Flajnik, Season 16

Ben’s reign of terror has yet to be over, so our hotness ranking is based on his performance as a failed proposer on The Bachelorette Season 7. He started as a quiet, sensitive wine maker with the good sense to ply Ashley Hebert with liquor. By the end of the road, he was a charming hipster who did *not* want his dumping sugar-coated. A man who knows what he wants? That’s hot.


Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Photo: Dr. Travis Stork With 'The Doctors' Co-Hosts at the 2010 Daytime Emmy Awards

4. Travis Stork, Season 8 (Paris)

The 6'4" hottie was good enough for Carrie Underwood and he's definitely good enough for us. Dr. Stork is also good enough for The Doctors. He's just plain good.

5. Jake Pavelka, Season 14 (On the Wings of Love)

His reputation took a nose-dive after choosing Vienna Girardi over 24 sane women. (Okay, maybe only 20 of them were sane.) Things managed to get worse for Jake when he engaged in an ugly public breakup with Vienna. But he turned things around on Bachelor Pad 2 and the guy *does* have a rock-hard body and a nice smile. Sorry. He's hot.

6. Matt Grant, Season 12 (London Calling)

The accent helps. He does have bad taste in women (Shayne Lamas?) and may or may not be gay (according to Shayne Lamas), but Matt was a witty, self-deprecating Bachelor in a franchise filled with seriously boring pretty boys.

7. Charlie O'Connell, Season 7

Charlie is goofy and fun and kind of normal, even if he is the brother of actor Jerry O'Connell. He and Sarah Brice actually worked as a couple for a while, then broke up and tried again. (Then broke up again.) And his runner up was Krisily Kennedy, whom we loved on Bachelor Pad. Charlie's all right.

(Don't be confused... we're saving number 7 for the very end!!)

9. Aaron Buerge, Season 2

Isn't it weird how much Aaron and Jesse look alike? No wonder ABC wanted Chris Lambton to be The Bachelor — he fits perfectly into their hot blond mold. It's a shame things went south for Aaron and Helene Eksterowicz, but considering how much Aaron just blends into the Bachelor conveyor belt, maybe it's fitting.

10. Jesse Palmer, Season 5

Jesse played in the NFL for the New York Giants. Everything else about him is a generic blur. He's tall and handsome but not in a way that's memorable enough for us to care. Sorry, man.

11. Alex Michel, Season 1

Honestly, if Trista Rehn hadn't gone on from this to The Bachelorette to become Trista Sutter, we're not sure the Bachelor franchise would've lasted too long. Alex did not exactly jump off the screen with charisma. He's just an okay guy who produced an okay season with a great happy ending follow-up.

12. Bob Guiney, Season 4

Some of us still appreciate Bob's goofy, boy-next-door sense of humor from the very first season of The Bachelorette. He was a refreshing change from the usual bland guys. But then he was The Bachelor and supposedly slept with five-and-a-half women, even though that doesn't make sense. Then he dumped Estella Gardinier, married a soap star, and divorced her. His after-school stuff tarnished his reputation but, dang it, the guy was funny.

Credit: ABC Television Group © Disney Photo: Jason Mesnick

13. Jason Mesnick, Season 13

Jason was always more sweet than hot. He was the nice guy who always finished last. That's what we thought, anyway. After the Melissa/Molly fiasco, he lost his sweetheart status and now he's just a decent-looking guy with nice abs.

14. Byron Velvick, Season 6

Pro fisherman Byron was the oldest Bachelor and he chose a woman who was charged with beating him up. And he has that hair. All in all, not a hottie.

15. Lorenzo Borghese, Season 9 (Rome)

Lorenzo's entire season was a miss (except for introducing us to Erica Rose!), so it's no surprise the "prince" is at the bottom of the list. He's probably a great guy and we know he’s a big animal lover, but his finest royal qualities were not on display in Rome.

Credit: ABC Television Group © Disney Photo: Jake Pavelka Gets Leggy, Goes Pantless on DWTS Week 5

Sixteen seasons. Fifteen Bachelors. Some are hot. Some are not. Let us rank them in order of hotness. Why? Why the heck not! But if you really need a reason... the January 2 premiere of Ben Flajnik’s Season 16 is right around the corner, so why not get ready for it by being deliciously shallow?

8. Andrew Firestone, Season 3

Andrew's cute and preppy-hot, but there's something smug about him, yes? Maybe it's the Firestone money coming out. Anyway, not a bad looking guy at all and he gave us Bachelorette Jen Schefft, so he's okay.


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