Age: 24
Occupation: Administrative assistant
Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

Whitney Lee is one of Brad Smith’s final two girls on The Bachelor Canada Season 1 (the other is Bianka Kamber). Almost as soon as she stepped foot in Victoria, the 24-year-old admin assistant became instant frenemies with the rest of the bachelorettes. Besides making us have Courtney Robertson flashbacks, what do we know about Ms. Whitney Lee?

A self-proclaimed “diva,” in her Bachelor Canada bio, Whit says she never leaves the house without a pair of heels. She has one tattoo on her lower back: a Chinese symbol that means “live life to its fullest.” Another fun fact: Whitney has an identical twin sister named Camille.

Former Bachelorette Jillian Harris blogged the premiere and had this to say about Whitney: “She’s stunning, has a perfect body and that aloofness and nonchalant attitude that you want ot HATE, but men love, and this drives other girls CRAZY. She’s mysterious, maybe a little bitchy (or call it confident whatever you want) and holds a lot of herself back emotionally, but gives a very magnetic physical vibe. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t like girls like Whitney, but there’s a side to me that maybe (secretly) wants to be a bit like her too.”

What do you think: Is Whitney going to win this whole thing?

Source: Bachelor Canada, Jillian Harris’ blog