Credit: ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Ben Flajnik's Final Three on The Bachelor Season 16

Ah, the overnight dates. Often they're the steamiest episode of each season of The Bachelor. Gone are the days of laughing around a swimming pool or walking on a beach. Welcome to a Swiss motel! No need for any more hot chocolate, room service. Do not disturb, please.

On February 27, Ben Flajnik took his Final Three (Courtney RobertsonNicki Sterling, and Lindzi Cox) all around Switzerland and then all around the hot tub, and then Kacie Boguskie popped over for a quick shaming session and then... Nicki was sent home. Maybe she and Kacie shared a plane together. I reckon we'll find out next week on the Women Tell All episode.

Or maybe we know already! - Spoiler link!

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