Just think: Roberto Martinez could be Justin Bieber’s stepdad. (Beat that, Emily and Ricki!)

How is this possible? It sounds like JB’s mom, Pattie Mallette, is hot for Hottie Dimples. Back when the rumors first came out that The Bachelorette alum might be handing out roses as the Season 17 Bachelor, Patti tweeted “Is it true my Roberto is the next Bachelor?? Say it isn't so. I thought he was waiting for me!!???”

And she was like “baby, baby, baby, oohh! Thought you’d always be miiine.”

But, seriously, girl — get in line. He’s *our* Roberto. And we want him to be the next Bachelor — and not just to keep him away from babysitting Bieber. We have many reasons. But it's nice to see Mama Biebs has good taste.

Source: @pattiemallette (via @picturedrock)