The Bachelor

Craig McKinnon

Occupation: Dental sales
Age: 34
Hometown: Sarnia, Ontario
Residence: Toronto, Ontario
From: The Bachelorette Season 6

What was his worst date ever?: Meeting a girl for dinner and her saying to me within the first 20 min of the date "Craig, I Really Hope You Are Smart!!!.....because I really like having intelligent conversations!!!". Let's just say....the date didn't last too much longer than that.
What are his dating deal breakers?: Someone who can't carry on a one-on-one conversation, someone who talks too much about money, ex-boyfriends, or a woman who can't loosen up and dance with him.
What does he do to impress a date?: He's a gentleman at all times, first and foremost and absolutely believes in chivalry!
Tattoo Count?: We're not sure...

This chivalrous Canadian gent clashed with Jonathan in Season 6 of The Bachelorette.  We’ll see what happens when they reunite in the Pad.

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