The Bachelor

Sarah Powell

Age: 27
Occupation: Real Estate Broker
Hometown: Denver, Colorado
Currently Resides in: Denver, Colorado

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you bring and why?
My Mom — I could never get sick of her
Wine — this would make us laugh a lot
Cheese — want some cheese with that wine

Tattoo Count: 2
Location: A heart on the back of my neck and a shamrock in a private area.

I love it when my date...
Makes me laugh and compliments me. Basically putting a smile on my face.

What is your worst date memory?
Went on a blind date, double date with parents (got set up by mom), and him leaving me at the end to go play with his dog!

Tell us something we didn't ask:
I have been raising my nephew with my sister for the past two years. It's my turn and I'm ready to find love and build a family of my own.

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