The Bachelor

Season 14 Episode 2

Title: S14: Week Two
Air Date: January 11, 2010 at 12:00 AM PST

In the second episode of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, Jake goes on two group dates and one individual date. He takes Corrie, Christina, Valishia, Gia, Rozlyn, and Ashleigh on a group date to an InStyle photo shoot and a wrap party at the Santa Monica Hotel Shangri-La pool. After a sexy one-on-one with Jake, Rozlyn nabs the group date rose. The next day, on the first one-on-one date, Jake drives Ali to the airport on a motorcycle and flies her in a two-seater plane to Palm Springs, where a sexy convertible awaits. He drives them to an open field where they have dinner and dance to a private performance by Chicago. On the second group date, Jake escorts Elizabeth, Vienna, Ashley, Kathryn, and Jessie to the Six Flags Magic Mountain, where they have the run of the amusement park. Elizabeth wins the date rose and enjoys a private fireworks display with Jake.


In the end, Rozlyn's rose can't keep her around. The produers are forced to boot her off the show for an alleged indiscretion with a crew member. After the rose ceremony, Christina and Ashley have to head back home.

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