Bachelor Canada's resident hunk, Brad Smith, recently hit up the Eligible Magazine iPad app launch at the Thompson Hotel in Toronto, Canada, where he had all kinds of inspirational things to say about love. Brad is currently engaged to Bachelor Canada winner Bianka Kamber, and their surprisingly successful relationship has pretty much made him a certified matchmaker.

Credit: Instagram

"I'm a guy who was single for a long time before the show," Brad told Eligible Magazine. "I wouldn't suggest anyone to go on reality TV necessarily to find the love of their life. I'm a freak occurrence."

So, if Brad doesn't want us to go on television to find love, what does he suggest? Because at this point we're tragically alone with our Snuggie and our body pillow, and we need help. 

"I sold myself by just being myself and she [Bianka] responded to that," Brad explains while we nod along in agreement. "Just be yourself, because at the end of the day when you're at home, there's no makeup, there's no nice clothes, you're just sitting on the couch. You're gonna want that person to know exactly who you are and be attracted to that. And not the gel in my hair or the eyebrows I have painted on tonight."

Um, sorry. Everything Brad just said has been rendered irrelevant, because now all we care about are his eyebrows. Maybe he's born with them. Maybe they're Maybelline.

Source: YouTube