Bachelor hot couple Sean Lowe and Catherine Guidici hit up the Maxim Hot 100 Party in Hollywood on May 15, and guys? Catherine unbridled her passions. She unbridled her passions all over the place. Clearly, this gal was upset that she wasn't included on Maxim's list (really, guys? How dare you), and decided to show the magazine just what they were missing.

Catherine dressed down, in simple blue jeans, a black blouse, and high heels — but let's talk about what her blouse was made of. Namely, some mysterious piece of see-through cloth masquerading as "fabric."

Catherine's shirt more than showed-off her ample assets, meaning guests at the Maxim Hot 100 Party were treated to a up-close and personal view of her lacy black bustier! Slightly shocking considering that Catherine usually goes for a more conservative look — but hey, she was at a Maxim Party. Girl just wanted to look as sexy as Miley Cyrus, and what's wrong with showing a little skin, anyways? Feminism, guys.

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