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We've spent the past 10 years of our lives dry-heaving in happiness while watching The Bachelor, but sometimes our tears of joy turn to ugly-cries of sorrow. Why? Because Bachelor eliminations can be more than a little emotional, especially when manmotions are involved.

We've rounded up the 5 most shocking eliminations in The Bachelor history, so prepare to take an emo walk down memory lane, friends!

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1. Sean Deflowers Desiree, Her "Hartsock" Weeps

We had Desiree Hartsock pegged as the winner of Bachelor 17 from the moment she and Sean Lowe made out with each other in that hot tub time machine. These two had so much in common — from their love for the great outdoors, to their appreciation of feral woodland creatures, to their mutual friendship with the man upstairs (aka Sean's best friend, God). Unfortunately, Sean broke Desiree's heart after her hometown date, and she reluctantly left his love nest despite the fact that Sean (AND AMERICA, by the way) had major second thoughts about his decision.

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2. Jason Breaks Up With Melissa On Live Television

Jason Mesnick may have asked Melissa Rycroft to be his lawful wedded wife during The Bachelor 13's season finale, but dude had a major change of heart. Of course, he could have dealt with his feelings in private like a normal human being, but instead he decided live television would be the best time to break up with Melissa and tell runner-up Molly Malaney that his heart belonged to her. Naturally, she said "GTFO" and — oh, wait. No, sorry. Molly totally got married to Jason and now they have a baby. Whoops!

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3. Brad Rejects His Two Finalists

We spent approximately 20 hours of our life watching Brad Womack's OG love journey on The Bachelor 11, and what did we get from it? Not a romantic proposal, that's for sure. Brad shocked America (nay, the world) when he rejected both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft after deciding that neither of these ladies were good enough for him. It's like, really Brad? The best thing you could come up with was "I want something more"?  We can't even talk to you right now. Or ever, because unfortunately we don't know you. Yet.

4. Ali Breaks Up With Herself

Ali Fedotowsky was poised to win Jake Pavelka's heart on The Bachelor 14, but then she decided that her job was more important than partaking in a televised mating ritual (um, unacceptable) and eliminated herself from the show. We know, Bachelor blasphemy. Also, Ali cried so hard before peacing out of Bachelor Mansion, and it's just like WHY, girl, WHY? You could have had Jake's little airman babies by now. Sob! Luckily, she redeemed herself by giving up her entire career to star on The Bachelorette, but still. Never forget.

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5. Sean Crushes AshLee Frazier's Soul

So, apparently Sean Lowe told AshLee Frazier that she was his main boo while in the privacy of their Fantasy Suite, and then up and rejected her in favor of Catherine Guidici and Lindsay Yenter. But the real tragedy? The rejection came hot off the heels of Sean forcing AshLee to risk her life in that terrible pit of hell masquerading as a tropical cave. AshLee was so shocked by her breakup that she refused to speak to Sean, and we're pretty sure he's still in therapy thanks to silent voodoo curses she cast on him.

Which Bachelor breakups still have you staying up nights to keep from reliving them in a dream world? Spill your favorite awful memories below!