Credit: Instagram

Time to play another round of Where In The World Is Jef Holm, y'all! Our favorite coiftastic Bachelorette alum loves nothing more than trolling around the country looking various degrees of hunky, but prepare your bodies because dude has taken things international. Yep, Jef just pospped over to Foggy London Town, where he's whiling away his days looking extremely troubled and furrowing his brow.

No word as to why Jef was hanging in England, but we can't help but wonder if he's re-living his romance with Bachelorette Emily Maynard. After all, these two shared their first tender kiss after a romantic ride on The Eye of London, and we'll never forget that one time they took high tea together. Sob, British memories!

Either way, Jef looks like he has a serious case of The Sads, and we're thinking he misses Emily. Just look at the popped collar on his pea coat. It says "I'm vulnerable so I'm hiding my feelings, which happen to live in my neck, which also happens to be lacking hickeys thanks to the fact that Emily no longer loves me."

Sigh, poor Jef. We suggest he find a random rock formation and do some shirtless yoga on it before a dementor escapes from Hogwarts and sucks all the happiness from his hair coif.

Source: Instagram