Season 9 of The Bachelorette is fully underway, and we're like an 11 on a scale from 1 to HOLY MOLY HERE IT IS PRAISE BE! That's how much we love this show. And although Desiree Hartsock's man morsels are all divine creatures, cut from the cloth of perfection, there are a few studs you need to keep your eye on as we continue to walk down the path toward love. Not only are these guys dreamboats to the extreme, but some of them have surprises up the wahoo rolled into their V-neck sleeves. You can't even imagine our excitement.

Note: mild spoilers lie've been warned!

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney

1. Ben Scott

If you've watched even a little of the show, you know that Ben is a major contender in this quest for Desiree's heart.

Although he showed up in a big way on the first night, bringing his darling son Brody in tow, he's since made a few enemies too. And despite his obvious chemistry with Des — the two kissed on two separate occasions in Episode 2 (2!) — we have a feeling that homeskills has already put a big enough target on his back that things with him and the other house hunnies is only gonna get worse.

Oh yeah. Minor spoiler, guys, before the season is up, he'll have to put up or shut up. You'll see.

Credit: Reality Steve

2. Chris Siegfried

There hasn't been a lot to see of Chris Siegfried so far, but we bet you a bouquet of Chris Harrison-scented roses if you aren't swooning over him by July. We're already in love with 28-year-old former minor league pitcher (and part-time model, duh).

Um, we aren't the only ones. Sparks flew between Desiree and this hunk from the moment he swaggered out of the limo and faux proposed to her.

Sigh, that smile... those eyes... that hair! Will he propose to her a second time, perhaps with a blinding Neil Lane ring? You’ll have to watch to find out.

3. Drew Kenney

Another dark horse in this race is Arizona boy Drew Kenney. Not only is this hunky mountain man an award-winning Ford model, he's 100 percent ready to fall in love and raise a family. In fact, Drew's intro was one of the most sincere in Bachelorette history, and he made a great first impression on Desiree. Probably because he was the first contestant she met — but still.

You’re gonna want to keep Drew on your stud radar! And with a picture like this one, how can you not already be Googling him till the sun devils come home? (Arizona sports reference!)

4. Zak Waddell

So... Zak most definitely showed up to Bachelor Mansion sans shirt... And that was after we saw his Waddell in his intro video! But while you might have thought such a display would turn Desiree off, you were wrong!

Zak is the life of the party (not just because of his rippling six pack), so make sure you pay close attention to him this season. He seems to be bridging the gap between party boy and sensitive stud, with the sweet diary he randomly gifted Desiree the first sign that he has a lot more going on than meets the eye. 

Credit: Reality Steve Photo: Brian Jarosinki

5. Brian Jarosinski

Sure, Brian makes a great impression during The Bachelorette's first episode, but don't trust this dude. Despite winning Desiree over during their meet-’n-greet, Brian is not what he seems. Every season has at least one guy who’s not there for the “right reasons.” If that’s what you watch for, you’re gonna want to keep your eyes peeled for Brian!