Credit: courtesy Stevie Short

If you’re watching / just watched / are planning on watching (as soon as your roommate stops watching Arrested Development Season 4) The Bachelorette Season 9 with Desiree Hartsock premiere, you probably know that the cutest guy on the show is not ripped, successful, or suited up. Well, he’s one of those. We’re talking about Ben Scott’s son Brody, who made his television debut with the best limo entrance of all time.

When Ben arrived, he booted 4-year-old Brody out of the limo, and the darling kid walked up to Des to hand her a rose. Honestly, we could’ve ended the show right there, sending Des, Ben, and Brody on their way for a happy future. And Des seemed to feel the same way, since she and Ben connected on their love of adventure and the outdoors, earning Ben a pre-ceremony rose in the process.

So, who is this tyke? Well, according to his mama, Stevie, who Ben calls his “best friend” (awww cute!), Brody was born on January 13, 2009. And considering how cute he is, we’re not surprised at all to learn that Brody has four girlfriends! “He had to give each of his ‘girlfriends’ a different valentine on Valentine’s Day because, as he said, ‘Mom, I can’t give them the same valentine! They would be sooo mad at me!’” Oh my Gosh. Bachelor 2036 has been found, you guys.

Credit: courtesy Stevie Short

When he’s not pimpin’ with the ladies (someone alert Jimmy Kimmel that Baby Bachelor Wes isn’t the only tiny cutie with game for days), he does normal stuff. “He loves fishing with his uncle Cameron, going to movies with his dad. He likes to play soccer and baseball, too,” Stevie tells us.

We’re not sure what his future plans are, you know, besides continuing to make ladies of all ages swoon, but we could definitely see a future modeling or acting career ahead for Brody. But first, he says, he just wants to go to Disneyland.