Credit: Instagram

In case you missed it, our personal muse, Miley Cyrus (sob, she'll always be Hannah Montana to us!), has spent the last few months doing super important things like chopping off her hair, wearing cut-offs, making Liam Hemsworth uncomfortable, and twerking in a giant unicorn costume. In other words, she's the last unicorn, so deal with it.

Miley's epic dance moves are more than a little inspirational, and it looks like she's motivated none other than Bachelor Pad 3's Ed Swiderski to get his twerk on. That's right, Ed and his "pickle" have slipped into an epic unicorn onesie, and it looks like the time for twerking is once again upon us.

To paraphrase Destiny's Child, we don't think we're ready for Ed's jelly. Because his body's too bootylicious for us.

Check out this pic of Ed in uniform — do you think he's pulling a Miley? There's only one way to know for sure... clearly Ed needs to post a video of his epic dance sesh! Although, that could cause mass blindness amongst Bachelor Nation.

Whatever, it's worth it. Give the people what they want, Ed! DANCE AROUND THE INTERNET LIKE THE MAGICAL UNICORN THAT YOU ARE!

Source: Instagram