Desiree Hartsock looked like a Hollywood movie star when she broke out that gorgeous sequined gown during The Bachelorette Season 9's premiere, but don't be fooled by her designer wardrobe and team of stylists. This gal is completely down-to-earth!

Much like the rest of us mere mortals, Des loves a good bargain — and she was recently seen shopping at TJ Maxx for home goods and clothing! Des was dressed down for her thrifty shopping spree (she wore simple jeans and flip-flops), and it looks like she nabbed several bags of discounted goodies, as well as a picture frame and a lamp for $29.99!

Hmmm, why is this gal buying home accessories? Could she be designing a new apartment for herself and her mysterious finale rose winner?! Either way, we love that girlfriend is a Maxxinista — she's so relatable! That makes sense, considering her humble roots. In fact, you might be surprised to know that a good portion of Des' Bachelorette wardrobe this season comes from none other than Old Navy, which means you can steal her style on the cheap!  

"I like to take an inexpensive tank top or something that anyone can buy," The Bachelorette's stylist, Cary Fetman tells Entertainment Weekly. "I did a ton of Old Navy things where I mixed and matched with stuff...It gave [Desiree's look] that boldness and excitement."

Sigh, Bachelorettes. They're just like us!

Source: Entertainment Weekly via Reality TV World