We fell hard for all of Sean Lowe's Bachelor 17 ladies, but our favorite glamazon in his pack of sister-wives? That would be Sarah Herron, the gorgeous blonde bombshell who was brutally auff'd from Sean's lady hive despite the fact that she's basically perfect. No seriously, girlfriend is flawless –– just check out this stunning picture of her makeup-free face!

Credit: Instagram

Annnnd, cue jealousy-induced dreamy sighs.

We're used to seeing Sarah glammed up for the camera, but not gonna lie. She might be even more beautiful au natural! Meanwhile, we have to cake on at least three layers of foundation to hide the worry lines that we've developed from watching 10 years of The Bachelorette. Thanks for that, Chris Harrison.

We love the fact that Sarah is brave enough to bare her sans-makeup face to the entire internet (remind us how she doesn't have a boyfriend, again? Seriously, what is wrong with everyone, home girl is pure perfection!), and it looks like her fans are just as blown away as we are.

In other news, shout out to Sarah's pug who is currently photobombing her picture. You also look amazing without makeup, friend.

Do you think Sarah looks better with or without cover up and mascara? Hit the comments!

Source: Instagram