Credit: Twitter Photo: Erica Rose After Injection Picture 6/14/13

In preparation for bonding with our pops this Father’s Day weekend, we’re stocking up on beer, planning a little baseball game-watching, and taking our medication so we don’t start fights. Meanwhile, in Houston’s wealthy ‘hood, Bachelor Pad 3’s Erica Rose is doing something a little more unusual.

Just got done having the best sushi with my dad @DrFranklinRose now it's time for some lip injections @utopiamedspa,” the self-proclaimed socialite tweeted on June 14. Um. What?

Yeah, that’s right. While many of us blame our shellfish allergies for our inflated kissers, Erica doesn’t have the necessary Uni allergy, and thus has a plastic surgeon father to fill in (literally) that void for her.

Oh, and yes, in case you’re wondering, she did share a “post-injection” after picture with us. And, uh, well, we honestly don’t have much more to say except that maybe our dad buying us a burger ain’t gonna cut it this weekend.

Erica is shocking us all over the place this week. First, she tweeted about sobriety and therapy, then that she was happy Bachelor Pad is canceled (TAKE IT BACK, ROSE!), and now this. But we suppose that if your father is the star of MTV’s I Want a Famous Face, daddy-daughter bonding time takes on a whole new meaning.

So, uh, pass the wasabi and collagen, daddy!

Source: Twitter