Credit: Lou Rocco/ABC Television Group © 2013 Disney Photo: Desiree Hartsock in a Silver Gown in The Bachelorette Season 9, Episode 4

You know how sometimes you go on really great dates where you can't imagine they'll ever end and you want to be in them forever? Well, none of those happened on tonight's episode of The Bachelorette Season 9, Episode 4. On tonight's show, Desiree Hartsock took her 13 remaining men to Atlantic City (yeah, you read that right) for a couple of 1-on-1s, a group date full of Speedos, and two dramatic exits (psych).

While on her 1-on-1 with Brad McKinzie, Des chatted with the single father about... taffy? We're not really sure, since the two barely talked about anything non-food related. When Des talked about Brad, she said she liked that he was "responsible" but, um, that's pretty much where it ended. And although she must've admired his bone structure the way the at home audience was, she eventually sent him home. But not before she made him scale an entire lighthouse worth of stairs (not exaggerating). We're hoping editing had a part in it, but it seemed like Des made him walk to the top, just to tell him it was over. Perhaps his climbing style wasn't up to her standards. #dealbreaker.

Credit: Lou Rocco/ABC Television Group © 2013 Disney Photo: Zack Kalter Wears a Swimsuit in The Bachelorette Season 9, Episode 4

Later on, Des and James went on a 1-on-1, but though he revealed he cheated on his ex-girlfriend, she found his honesty and remorse charming and decided to keep him. Also on the fence this episode? Bryden Vukasin, who spilled that he wasn't sure he was that into Des. But when it came time to the Rose Ceremony, it was Cali boy Zack Kalter who missed out on the final rose. It's not really a surprise, considering that Zack has had less screen time than Paulie the bodyguard who ousted Brian Jarosinski on last week's episode, but we're pretty bummed he's gone, considering the way he wears a swimsuit.

Are you surprised Brad and Zack left? Wanna know who leaves next week in Germany? We've got it all for ya.