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Oh, Jef Holm, you stud, you. This 28-year-old Bachelorette winner has been jumping from one sexy singleton to another since breaking up with Emily Maynard back in Fall 2012, and the latest notch on his lady belt? A 20-year-old University of Utah student named Michelle Mugleston. That's right, girlfriend can't even legally drink Franzia yet (translation: we could never be friends).

"They met at a party over Christmas," a friend of Michelle's tells E! News. "But they've only been hanging out since April. It's new and they're having fun. He makes her laugh."

Credit: Instagram

To be fair, Jef's love for gingham is pretty hilarious. He makes us laugh on a daily basis!

So, what have Jef and Michelle been getting up to during their romantic love journey? They recently spent a weekend in St. George with friends, and were also spotted canoodling at a Tim McGraw concert on June 14. But is this dynamic duo "going steady" as ye olde folks (aka people over 40) say? Not so much.

Despite telling E! that he's "definitely interested in dating and finding the right girl if she comes along," Jef says he's still on the market. "Right now, I consider myself single," he explained. "I'm focusing on me."

Do you, Jef. Do you and your coif. Just try not to break too many 20-something hearts while doing so, mmmkay?

Source: E!